NJ Online Casino Reviews151
blog / February 26, 2020

NJ Online Casino ReviewsIf you are a new entrant to the world of the New Jersey online casino, it is always beneficial to be patient. One can’t just switch over to playing games without getting familiar with the quirks and traps of the different online casino sites. Most of the players have also experienced the phenomenon of winning the first time but losing the second or third time. As the old saying goes, if something doesn&#...

PRINT presentations at the World Conference on Research Integrity
Uncategorized / June 3, 2019

“Perceptions and prevalence of questionable research practices across all fields of research: Findings from a large-scale multinational survey” (Jesper W. Schneider) Link“Questionable Research Practices in the Humanities. Evidence from a comprehensive focus group and survey study” (Mads P. Sørensen) Link“A Cross-National, Cross-Field Study of Researcher Personality and Questionable Research Practices” ( Michael Bang Petersen) Link“Us...

Increasing problems with Research Integrity
Articles , Research integrity / June 27, 2017

There is growing evidence of the emergence of an actual scientific crisis, where the spread of both misconduct and questionable research practices undermine the quality of research and thus potentially also the social trust in science. Few will question that there are obvious problems in certain parts of science, but both the extent, causes and possible solutions are still controversial. So far, political efforts to address the issue...

PRINT launch
Project updates / April 10, 2017

Welcome to the PRINT website. We are quite happy to announce the recent launch of the PRINT project. The website is still in it’s early stages, so expect information to be updated regularly.