Increasing problems with Research Integrity

June 27, 2017

There is growing evidence of the emergence of an actual scientific crisis, where the spread of both misconduct and questionable research practices undermine the quality of research and thus potentially also the social trust in science. Few will question that there are obvious problems in certain parts of science, but both the extent, causes and possible solutions are still controversial. So far, political efforts to address the issue have primarily focused on legislation, sanctioning and formulation of “Codes of Conduct”. However, the question is whether the dominant diagnoses of the main causes of the problems are correct, and therefore whether the proposed solutions can be expected to have any decisive effect?

Kaare, Jesper and Niels from CFA have written a short article on the above in Forskningspolitikk, the Norwegian magazine about research, higher education and innovation. The article can be read at in Danish.

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